I’m Joni. I’m a web designer and writer currently running Ela Conf. I also eat squash sometimes and work from home at the top of Delaware.

Feel free to email me or catch me on Twitter

I have a B.A. in history with minors in anthropology and political science, and an M.S. in human services administration. More importantly, however, I’m a self proclaimed “pretty good doodler” and obsessor over semantics, so obviously decided to add these skills into my strategic workflow as well.

My start in tech began specifically after years of being a grant writer and researcher. I wrote and illustrated children’s books as a hobby and eventually wanted to bring these colorful sketches to life in the browser. Years later I now focus on integrating my past research, writing, and coloring in the lines experience into my designs. It’s also endlessly important to me that I give back to the community that has taught and supported me so much through teaching design and development classes to women and girls and co-founding/organizing Ela Conf.

I strive to be moderately good at many things. Be sure to also check out my allergy friendly food blog, A Picky Pig