Project Title 

Dot Doodl For Kids

Project Description 

This in-person workshop series focuses on getting middle school aged kids started with CSS animations, and acts as a follow-up to a web design for kids series I teach locally as well. All original teaching materials are open source on GitHub. 


The most frequent questions I get when teaching kids about web design are regarding animations, so I created a special series to get them started. 

This three part in-person workshop series for middle schoolers was created as a follow-up to a general web design for kids class I also teach locally. I noticed that many students were especially excited about and motivated by animations and movement. While the content is very beginner friendly, some very basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful. 

The use of a dots based theme is a fun way for students to focus on mapping out and implementing movements, rather on worrying about the graphic itself. Students leave each session with a foundational understanding of CSS @keyframes animation moments and are excited to continue experimenting with values on their own.

All original teaching materials are are open source on GitHub, including: slides, teaching notes, agendas, reference site, demos, and SVGs. 


Fun, follow-up resources, visuals and supportive diagrams, hands-on learning opportunities, open source, beginner friendly