Project Title 

Ela Community, Conf

Project Description 

I co-founded and co-organized a remote community and annual leadership conference in Philadelphia, PA that provides professional training and support for marginalized genders in tech.

2015 to 2018


It was important to us that this event be as inclusive and welcoming as possible, which started with the design.

Joni Trythall speaking at Ela Conf 2016Joni Trythall speaking at Ela Conf 2016

My small team and I founded and organize Ela Conf and Ela Community to address the severe diversity gap that exists in tech and to provide a safe community for marginalized genders aiming to advance their leadership skills through speaking, writing, and becoming the best managers possible.

We focus on fostering a healthy community culture through our Slack channel year-round and pay special attention to language used throughout all our materials and sponsor requests; our brand’s voice and tone in crucial to our mission and goals. The event has been referred to as “the conference that launched a thousand talks” and our attendees have went on to speak at national conferences, publish blog posts, and receive promotions; we just couldn’t be prouder or more excited about what this event has become.

Our remote community hosts AMAs, Lunch & Learns, and Office Hours each month, creating a lasting and safe platform for members to learn from and empower one another. 

Here’s a 2015 recap, a 2016 recap, and the 2017 recap. The 2017 prospectus PDF design is here


A fun inviting brand, appeal to beginners, provide childcare stipends, a Code of Conduct, offer diversity and financial grants, recruit volunteers, provide CFP assistance, provide talk prep assistance, web and print design, fundraising