Project Title 

Eldarion Cloud

Project Description 

I established the visual identity for Eldarion Cloud, a DevOps PaaS powered by Kubernetes. The product was launched in conjunction with an open source project which I was also design lead for, Kel.


The identity had to reflect influences from two other brands.

I began the task of branding Eldarion Cloud by defining the requirements. The product needed to clearly belong to Eldarion but also include ties to its open source counterpart, Kel. After a series of sketches, gathering team feedback, and iterations it was decided to focus on a lighthouse for the logo. I then created a brand board to help guide site design and ensure consistency among colors, typography, and patterns. The radial gradient within the logo produces much needed light in an otherwise predominantly dark color palette; while Kel is the ship carrying containers, EC is the lighthouse guiding it through the sea; the story speaks directly to their services and how they work together. 

Once a brand board was in place I was able to produce high fidelity, mobile first site mockups for development. 


A more serious “white-glove” theme, brand influences from Kel, heavy brand influences from Eldarion with a nearly identical site, custom illustrations, a dark color palette with various blacks, influences from ancient Greek design