Project Title 

Flexbox Fridays

Project Description 

I created a series of posts and demos for Lincoln Loop tackling common web layouts using flexbox. The series is aimed at beginners and takes the intimidation out of using flexbox today through thorough and accessible language and an inviting overall aesthetic.



I wanted to learn while creating a resource for others at the same time. Students truly make the best teachers.

While working at Lincoln Loop the team decided to learn about flexbox to use in production on client projects. I came up with the idea of creating a weekly series of posts and demos to document our journey and help others looking to get started with flexbox along the way. The initial post serves as an introduction to flexbox with some recommended resources, includes an basic example using the logo I put together, and touches a bit on what to expect from us in the upcoming weeks. 

This series resulted in Lincoln Loop being the most followed company on CodePen at the time and still receives a great deal of attention and praise as flexbox continues to grow in popularity and use. 


A fun approachable theme, weekly posts, address common layouts, provide follow up resources, notes in CSS, branding and promotion