Project Title 

Hospital LMS

Project Description 

I was involved with the initial research and UX strategy behind bringing a new client on with Eldarion. The client as a popular US hospital in need of a new learning management system for staff and faculty. After the initial discovery phase I conducted a series of user interviews and began wireframes for common administrative views.


The discovery UX strategy document produced was essential in empowering non-designers to make design decisions.

I was tasked with running UX strategy for a new hospital client that cannot be disclosed. The client was in need of a new learning management system for faculty and staff that included multiple user types. The initial discovery phase allowed me to generate a cohesive report and UX strategy document to help define the project goals and roadmap. 

The report includes user interview findings with formal personas, a SWOT analysis, a competitor analysis, and a brief UX strategy section which touches on vision, circumstances of use, specific design criteria, measurable success metrics, and initial high level sketches.

One of the more challenging problems within this project was determining how to communicate the complex course duplication process to the user. While there was a lot going on within the back-end for this feature the user interface breaks these options into two familiar actions: rerun a course as is or copy and make edits. Copying a course’s content would creaet a new edition, so while this detail is reflected in the listing of courses it’s not a concern among primary use cases.

Please note that all deliverables and assets for this project have been edited to eliminate client identity. 


Various user permissions, dynamic navigation items, mobile for learners, on-boarding, progress indicators, report generation, shared tasks among users, dynamic dashboards, messaging