Project Title 

Intro To Writing SVG

Project Description 

I developed Girl Develop It’s first course on SVG and taught in person in both Philadelphia and Chicago. The agenda starts off with some foundational knowledge and quickly jumps in to hands on learning through CodePen demos I created for the class with instructions.



Hands on learning is especially rewarding with SVG as students can quickly impact their graphics in the browser.

I created the curriculum for and carried out Girl Develop It’s first SVG course, Intro to Writing SVG, for both the Philadelphia and Chicago chapters. The curriculum kicks off touching on what SVG is exactly and the benefits of working with it inline, walks through the basic syntax and attributes, and then jumps into a series of CodePen demos I created with instructions to learn how to edit these graphics.

The course sold out each time it was offered and I received a great deal of feedback regarding how friendly the materials and my teaching style were. Among my favorite bits of feedback was “This isn’t scary at all!”. I was also sure to create a quick reference site for further exploration of the subject. 

This has been used as a template for other chapters around the country to offer an SVG course that focuses on syntax and writing these graphics in the browser.


A fun inviting theme, appeal to designers and developers, amble practice and question time, create practice demos, beginner friendly, conduct within three hours, leave students with reference