Project Title 

Just Enough Typography

Project Description 

A talk I developed and gave at Djangocon 2016. The audience consisted of programmers and the outline includes typography essentials such as white space, contract, punctuation, spacing, and pairing typefaces.



This was for non-designers to learn practical basics regarding readability and legibility while leaving with a handy resources.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.02.33 AMScreen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.02.33 AM

This talk (with slides) is all about knowing just enough typography to produce a delightful reading experience on the web. It’s not for people who’s job is to know the fine details of type, but rather for those that need to know just enough to fill in for a designer if needed or to make sure their personal sideproject is legible and generating the intended reactions and feelings from users. Typography is for everyone and that is very much the tone I worked to create within this talk. 

The agenda starts off with a discussion on what typography is exactly, why it truly matters and how to evokes emotion, and then jumps into how exactly to make copy as readable and legible as possible. Aster speaking to the importance of spacing, line-height, hierarchy, and contrast the talk concludes with punctuation rules and pairing tips. 

I created a reference site for this talk, Top Ten Typography Tips, which is referred to often and has generated a great deal of praise as a friendly, easy to absorb go-to while writing copy on the web. 


Beginner friendly, relate to non-designers, touch on basics but avoid too much detail, simple design with limited palette, produce a reference site, must take 25 minutes, must speak to most common mistakes