Project Title 


Project Description 

Design lead for branding and marketing site implementation of Eldarion’s open source PaaS, Kel.



Presenting the offerings visually and quickly was crucial in proper communication of the product.

Kel was a new open source product from Eldarion that that required a new identity that was cohesive with the company’s but could also stand on its own. 

My process for this project began with taking note of all the requirements that were already defined and adding new ones. For example, it was essential to the company that the visual design for this product be inspired by ancient Greek ships but also be somewhat consistent with the company’s existing style guide. Once requirements were in place I set out sketching potential logos on paper and after feedback and iterations it was decided to use an actual ship. From there I created a primary mark and sub mark that includes a custom ship and wave outline. With the logo in place I was able to then produce a complete brand board to include typography, patterns, and a color palette.

Once the brand board was in place I produced high fidelity, mobile first mockups based on conversations with the team about what the site should accomplish and what the copy will be. Upon final acceptance of mockups I built out the site with HTML and CSS, utilizing certain Bootstrap features. 


Inspiration from Greek ships, inspiration from main Eldarion site, appeals to DevOps professionals, fosters a community, speaks to container shipment, presents offerings visually