Project Title 

Our First Website

Project Description 

I developed and taught an in-person workshop for a middle schools girls’ robotics program in Chicago. The materials for this project have been made open source.


It was important to me that the students left having produced a site to show friends and family.

This workshop was based off a series I wrote for Envanto Tuts+, Tuts+ Town.  I traveled to Chicago to teach the curriculum to middle school girls through the Oak Park Education Foundation and all the materials live on GitHub

The workshop began with SVG animation demos to show students that web design isn’t always necessarily about putting boxes on a page. The course was timed in such a way that allowed for question time and one-on-one assistance and all required materials were addressed before the day of the workshop. The tone throughout the entire event was one of true excitement and students left with links to their work to share; I was even approached several times regarding how to get started with CSS animations.  

I consider this to be among the most enjoyable and rewarding things I have done in my career.


A fun inviting theme, no assumed knowledge of HTML and CSS, must appeal to 11-13 year old girls​​​​​​, energetic vibe, friendly language, permit one-on-one attention