Project Title 

Pocket Guide to Writing SVG

Project Description 

I wrote and published a comprehensive ebook to get get familiar with and start writing basic SVG syntax. The book was published through a successful Kickstarter campaign which nearly doubled the initial pledge amount. The project uses fruit to break down this complex topic in an accessible, friendly manner and has been referred to as a “must read” for designers and developers.


It was important that I take the intimidation factor out of SVG code through a friendly design and tone.

After spending over a year learning about SVG and publishing articles for SitePoint and Designmodo I decided to write a book, compiling everything I had been uncovering into a single, easy to access resource aimed at beginners. At the time the SVG resources available were not beginner friendly which can create a lot of frustration and feeling of defeat. In order to help fund my time to write this book I started a Kickstarter campaign that ended up earning nearly twice my initial pledge amount. 

The book starts out with some syntax basics for the reader to better get their bearings and then jumps into more foundational level sections, such as document organization and basic shapes. From there the book breaks down how to create and style fills and strokes, use SVG text, and even how to create SVG gradients in the browser. 

This reference has earned a great deal of praise regarding the quality of content as well as its beginner friendly writing style and aesthetic. I wrote several blog posts on my experience with this project such as this Kickstarter wrap up and this one on my decision to open source the content


A fun inviting theme, no assumed knowledge of HTML and CSS, must appeal to 11-13 year old boys and girls, to be published over the summer, friendly language, speaks to how to get help