Project Title 


Project Description 

I started a web and marketing design studio to make friendly experiences for the best clients.



The iterations for this logo got very fun and weird over the months I worked on it.


I realized that there was a common theme amongst my favorite projects and in regard to what I was frequently approached about when freelancing. From non-profit grant writer and program manager, to web designer, to teacher, to conference founder my passion has always been creating and contributing to initiatives with stellar missions. While working with clients such as Ela Conf, Girl Develop It, and Girl’s World Expo it became clear that the experiences of these communities and events was so heavily determined by their deliberate design, which I wrote about in a bit more detail here

The most challenging part when preparing to launch this company was landing page copy. We had to communicate what we do and why we are the ones to do it in as few words as possible, with example tasks falling within web or marketing design. Since we strive to create and work with fun, friendly brands we need people to feel this on our site.  

YupGup branding was based on a domain name I purchased eight years ago, always knowing I wanted to do something neat with it but nothing feeling quite right until now. The fish logo suites the name but also serves as an approachable, memorable visual; who wouldn’t want one of these stickers on their laptop?!


Clear mission and purpose, fun and inviting identity, communicate experience, simple and accessible landing page